Tournament RU Arena - USM Edition (Won by Cheese5555)


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Granted the activity cases to those who were given the win cause we had no subs.

barton vs yedla - barton gets the win cause he at least posted on his opponent's wall, yedla has been on but hasn't replied.

Extensions to those who requested them:

MrAldo vs Yay
zizalith vs byronthewellwell

Deadline for these 2 games is wednesday 4th.

Round 2

barton vs Cam
professor tox vs HaxxSel
zizalith vs EviGaro
vs Feliburn
Chrisloud1 vs Bebo
vs Dlanyer
cyanize vs Pinboim3
Sage vs agenS
zben vs zugubu royale
vs Meru
MrAldo vs Ajna
Umbra Soul
vs Sensei Axew

Deadline for this round is sunday 8th. I encourage you to post replays as the whole point of this tour is to showcase what the metagame looked like at its very end.
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zugubu royale

Banned deucer.
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